Western Caspian University

Scientific activity

Department of Science

Goals and objectives of the department of science

The main purpose of the department is to organise and coordinate scientific activities in certain areas including:

• Implementation of general scientific development programmes at the University, raising the level of research by the teaching staff, and expanding research activities of departments

• Assistance in training highly qualified scientific and pedagogical staff, promoting scientific activities of masters and doctoral students, development of scientific and technical potential of the University.

The main tasks of the department are:

• Organise and coordinate the research and scientific-educational work of the faculty

• Organise and implement scientific activities by highly qualified scientific and pedagogical staff.

The main activities of the department include:

Conducting research in the main fields of science in accordance with the specialties of the University

• Incorporating research results in teaching (lectures, classes, laboratory classes, course and graduation works, master’s and doctoral dissertations), as well as publication in the form of monographs, scientific articles, textbooks, manuals and teaching aids and their presentation at scientific conferences and symposiums

• Focusing scientific research on improving the organisation and management of education, building the teaching process with the use of modern methods, developing and applying new teaching technologies and pedagogical innovations in other areas

• Organisation and coordination of research and scientific-educational work of our faculty

• Organisation of scientific publications

• Conducting conferences and symposiums.

New responsibilities of the department for the development of science, education and innovation:

Development of the University's innovation potential

• Establishment of economically and socially sustainable financing of the science-education-innovation complex on a par with the world’s leading educational institutions

• Improving the research carried out in WCU departments and increasing its practical significance

• Establishment of science-oriented laboratories under the departments of the University

• Increasing the scientific capacity of education

• Expansion of technology transfer activities, organisation of innovation exchange, and stimulation of innovation activity.

The main priorities and tasks of the department in the field of international scientific cooperation are:

• Strengthening the mobility of academic staff

• Participation in international programmes, projects and conferences

• Conducting lectures, webinars and online conferences with foreign experts as guests

• Internships abroad

• Involvement of foreign students and foreign teachers in the teaching and research process

• Strengthening cooperation with science institutions abroad

• Admission of the university to international inter-university associations (for example, Association of Silk Road Countries, universities and consulting companies).



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