Western Caspian University



Vacancy: Specialist in Online and Distance Education

Basic requirements:

- Be fluent in Azerbaijani and English

- Have recognised experience in distance and online education

- Be eager to research

- Willingness and ability to work in a team


- Recommend and research software, content creation and interactive media for distance and online education

- Define structure of both distance and online education to ensure implementation of learning objectives

- Collaborate with partners and develop training materials that meet the needs of the project for training purposes

- Set goals for performance management in distance and online education, monitor productivity

- Ability to write texts, training texts, audio and video scripts

- Ability to work with other departments and experts in this field to update, research and improve materials

- Knowledge of complex learning theories, assessment and assessment methods, as well as the ability to deeply understand learning styles

- Ability to specialise in teaching and communicate with experts in the field to develop educational content

- Ability to work effectively with management, colleagues, other departments and specialists in this field, both independently and in a team environment

- Excellent technological skills, written and oral communication and analytical skills. 

Interested candidates may send their CVs to administration@wu.edu.az. Please include (Vacancy: Specialist in Online and Distance Education) in the subject line. Salary will be determined based on the candidate's knowledge and skills during the interview.