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School of Design

School of Design

The profession of a designer is one of the most sought-after in modern times. The scope of the course is rather diverse and the designer's work is multidimensional. The designer can work internationally with the knowledge and skills gained at WCU. Generally, the salary in this field is quite lucrative. Designers are able to plan projects with different methods of graphic modelling, able to solve issues pragmatically, and have the creative thinking ability to express their opinions. All these skills are polished at WCU.

The School of Design has been operating since 1996. The mission of the school is to train specialists with global thinking and key professional competencies. We provide students with the knowledge and skills that meet the needs of modern society and support future professionals to solve artistic issues. In order to implement the programme, the school has a creative workshop centre with new equipment and materials: machine tools for metal and wood processing, 3D printers, etc. Computer classes have been upgraded with modern software.

The school offers students new conceptualisations of training with an integrative system for mastering all aspects of artistic creativity using modern information technology along with the traditional teaching methods of all disciplines. Through this approach, architectural-design students are orientated to use all graphic design capabilities and use the latest design methods. The school provides students with an opportunity to participate in international student exchange programmes such as Erasmus Mundus, Mevlana, etc.

Forms of teaching

  • Traditional education on the bachelors, masters and doctorate level in the standards defined by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan
  • Three-year secondary education programmes developed by leading university teachers
  • Curriculum for individual graphics for working students. In contrast to the correspondence method, students are involved in a specially crafted learning process and are provided with electronic material in the form of theoretical material, illustrations and practical exercises, in addition to free work exercises
  • Students have an opportunity to communicate with the teacher via e-mail at specified times or through apps such as Skype, WhatsApp, etc.

Advantages of Education at WCU

  • Highly qualified teachers with comprehensive academic and practical experience
  • Small groups
  • Individual approach, one-to-one attention for students
  • All necessary supplies
  • Availability of modern library with electronic and paper options
  • Modern classrooms, auditoriums, computer classes provided with graphic programmes
  • Unparalleled, state-of-the-art workshops with visual supplies.

The faculty has selected, organised and designed specific courses to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge for a highly successful career.


Address: 17A, Ahmad Rajabli Street, III Parallel, Baku, Azerbaijan

Index: AZ1072

Phone: +994 12 565 39 74

@: design.school@wcu.edu.az 





Academic staff


Bachelor Programs


Master Programs


PhD Programs


  • Sevda Sadikhbeyova - Associate professor, PhD in Art, honored artist, Member of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan, Dean of the School of Design
  • Elchin Aliyev - Professor, Doctor of Arts; Member of the Union of Architects and Designers of Azerbaijan
  • Sevil Sadikhova - Professor, PhD in Art
  • Parvana Aliyeva - Member of the Union of Architects of Azerbaijan
  • Gulrana Mirza - Associate professor, Doctor of Philosophy in Art, member of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan, member of the Imperial House of Russia and the Historical and Genealogical Society of Azerbaijan
  • Eynulla Maksimov - Member of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan
  • Afrasiyab Mammadov - Associate professor , Member of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan
  • Elnur Rasulov - Member of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan
  • Zumrud Aliyeva - Member of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan
  • Maryam Valikhanova - Member of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan
  • Leyla Huseynova - Lecturer
  • Leyla Efendiyeva - Member of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan, member of the Azerbaijan Watercolor Society of Azerbaijan IWS
  • Asli Abbasova - Member of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan
  • Gizgayit Guliyeva - Lecturer