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School of Political and Social Sciences

The mission of the School of Political and Social Sciences is to produce talented specialists with fundamental knowledge and the methodological, empirical and analytical skills necessary for study in the field. We prepare students for productive roles in society and for carrying out effective professional activity. Our students participate in important social events that help to form their professional perspectives. We enable students to develop analytical skills and acquire a high degree of knowledge in their specialty.

The curriculum analyses important questions and academic debates in political philosophy, comparative politics, democratisation, political economy, electoral behavior, political parties, elitism, political sociology and human rights- with each equally contributing to different scientific theories and views.

Classes ensure the development of critical, independent thinking. These skills deepen political knowledge and personalise ethical judgments on issues under discussion. The noteworthy intellectual level of scientific and practical knowledge maintains high course standards. Instructors take advantage of every opportunity to ensure that our school remains at the forefront of educational excellence.

Various social, political and cultural events dedicated to the formation of student perspectives are held periodically stressing the important events in the history and life of our country and the region. Experienced faculty members innovate based on principles of freedom, trust and confidence toward all participants. Faculty leadership is focused on applying every scientific innovation to develop students’ skills and habits in order to embrace challenges and develop creative, workable solutions.

The mission of the school is to produce competent professionals with solid fundamental knowledge who are confident in the application of methods of empirical analysis for their chosen field, who are independent thinkers, and who possess a well-formed and mature personality. The staff of the school consists of academics, professors and experts from advanced countries. The school has a rich library in English, Russian and Azerbaijani languages. Students may also participate in Erasmus Mundus, Mevlana and other international programmes.


Address: Azerbaijan, Baku, Ahmed Rajabli Street, III Parallel, 17A

Index: AZ1072

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Email: political.science@wcu.edu.az 




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